Shared Treasure Hunt is Siren School's not-remotely-for-profit activity designed to aid homeless children while teaching more fortunate kids the value and joy of philanthropy.

As our primary act of piracy, our fledgling do-gooder group will stage a Black Jack Friday event. Families across the nation are invited to participate by collecting 21 items (hence the ‘black jack’ tie-in) beginning the day after Thanksgiving to be delivered to a homeless child at some point during the holidays.

Participating pirates are given a treasure map on which they can mark off all of the loot they’ve collected: from a new toothbrush at the local discount store, to last year’s backpack, to an outgrown hoodie, or favorite pre-read paperback.

The hope is that the recipient will be awed and grateful, and the participating scalawag will feel warm and tingly inside while learning a valuable life lesson; and all involved will enjoy the opportunity to do something a little different than just camping out at the mall.

The funds we seek to raise would go toward goodies and 'thank you' tokens to send to participants, as well as operating costs... which are minimal... in order to be able to run additional Shared Treasure hunts throughout the year, during various holiday periods.

Any child, or anyone who knows a child, or even merely acts like a child, is invited to join in the jolly holiday fun. There is no cost, though the investment in goodwill will most likely be substantial.

Shared Treasure Hunt is a Li’l Mermaids Philanthropy Project hosted by Siren School.  We look forward to sharing with our youngin’s the joys of spending the holidays charitably, not just commercially.

Come join our crew as we break the laws of lack and deprivation, spreading hope and sharing smiles wherever we sail.

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