How It Werqs

Avast ye scalawags, 
there's treasure to be found... and shared!

What could be more fun than a Treasure Hunt?  How about a treasure hunt where you can share your treasure and excitement with others? That's what Shared Treasure Hunt is all about — kids helping kids, specifically one child collecting treasure to give to a homeless counterpart who doesn’t have much in the way of treasure of their own, let alone a place or home in which to store it.
Youths (and youthful thinkers) can join in the adventure by participating in our Black Jack Friday event.  All you have to do is gather 21 items (or thereabouts) beginning the day after Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays. Then deliver your loot to a homeless child or shelter some time before the new year.

You may go door to door in the neighborhood, ask family members to put up flyers at work, post on social media... any and every way imaginable to find the best swag possible ~ legally that is ~ we’re pirates, but the good kind!  

If possible, the participating corsair should try to include one item from each of the following categories:
  1. Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hand sanitizer, lip balm, deodorant 
  2. Treats: trail mix, packaged cookies & munchies, gum, mints, candy
  3. Creative supplies: sketch or coloring books, pens, pencils, crayons, journal, stickers 
  4. Stuffed animals 
  5. Reads: books, magazines 
  6. Toys: cars, dolls, anything you yourself would like 
  7. Night night: pajamas, blanket, pillow, flashlight 
  8. Games: playing cards, board games, checkers/chess 
  9. Clothing: sweatshirt/hoodie, socks, gloves, scarf, undies, hat 
  10. Hair stuff: brush, products & accessories 
  11. Shoes 
  12. Fun in the sun: swim suit, towel, sunscreen, frisbee, beach ball, swim goggles 
  13. Glug glug: water, juice, powdered milk 
  14. Creature comforts: collapsable chair, umbrella, tarp 
  15. Oooohs: mp3 player, watch, jewelry, pre-paid phone 
  16. Be a sport: skateboard, football, soccer ball, baseball glove/bat/ball 
  17. Showtime: movie passes + popcorn, drink, etc (see if anyone has some they are not using)
  18. Batteries 
  19. Gift card: fast food place, Target, VISA, you name it (a grownup may need to help with this one)
  20. Backpack to put it all in 
  21. Greeting card signed by friends and family 
Buccaneers who are successful in collecting and delivering their abundance of pirate booty will be recognized and cheered... 'How,' you ask? It's a surprise! Just like all the fun stuff they will collect for the child they are sure to make smile.  Find us on Facebook to become part of the crew.

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